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SFM Personal Training

Boston's Best Personal Training

All our complete membership packages include at least one personal training  session each month. Work one on one with a certified SFM trainer to keep you on track and achieve your goals faster.

SFM Classes


SFM uses science to spot reduce those trouble areas and show you how you can spend less time in the gym every week, eat your favorite foods, and become slammin’ hot!


Helena Collins - the Hottmaker

Three Ways to learn!

If you love taking classes!

New Client Class Special - Unlimited classes for $100 for one month

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New Client Personal Training Special 4 sessions $199

If you love to read!

Nutritional Alignment - Helena's Best selling book, learn to eat, not diet


Helena Collins’ multi award-winning

Synergistics Fitness Method®



SFM Spot Reduce!

The Synergistics Fitness Method® uses the science of Macro-Muscle Synergy® to give you more results in less time. Are you looking to lean out your thighs, lift your butt, trim your calves, flatten your stomach, maybe thin your upper arms? SFM allows you to target specific muscle groups, and work only those muscles and with the extra guidance of our certified SFM one-on-one session which are included in every complete package you will learn about your trouble spots and how to fix them even faster! The result? Improvement in the areas that matter most to you.

Learn to Eat Not Diet.

Lose the weight you want for good from 10 pounds to 100 with the Hottmaker’s (Helena Collins) best selling book, Nutritional Alignment®. You will learn to change your “set point” to your ideal weight and never have to diet again! Yes, without ever having to give up your favorite foods. No starvation, no pills, powders or bars. Real life, real food – of course this includes your favorite cocktail or pizza. Your tailored plan, designed specifically for you as part of your membership will enable you to finally be the weight that you have always wanted.

Work Smart Not Hard.

Endless hours in the gym on cardio equipment or hours spent pounding the pavement leaves you hungry, tired and with bulky muscles you do not want! Gain time in your life and health in your body. Strategically designed SFM workouts not only reshape your body, they stimulate your overall metabolism and increase your muscles’ ability to burn carbs more effectively and store less fat. You will learn how to achieve ultimate health without ever beating yourself up again all while seeing the body you have always dreamed of emerge in the mirror; all hott, no sweat!

Learn to Be In Control

The biggest obstacle to true achievement often lies within ourselves, in our personality type. Learn if you are a Thinker, a Decorator or a Commuter and how you may be sabotaging your workouts, your nutrition, your health and your goals. Your one-on-one sessions, included in your membership, can also be booked for lifestyle coaching sessions to help you create the ultimate path to your success.To ensure access to these valuable sessions we limit the amount of memberships available. Success for all of our members is the #1 priority here at Life in Synergy.
Boston's Best Fitness Classes

Not just a workout, a Synergistics Lifestyle®

  • Life in Synergy is a welcoming environment where you can experience fun, effective workouts while learning about your body and yourself.
  • Learn how your muscles work. Learn how to eat without feeling like you’re sacrificing.
  • At Life in Synergy, you don’t just learn a workout, you learn a lifestyle, and you have fun while doing it.
What’s better than that?

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About Helena Collins

I am you…the everyday woman who needed a way to change and reshape her body and her life. I started out with genetics that would predispose me to be overweight (most of my family is overweight), a body type that blessed me with “thunder thighs”, and a fitness and athletic training background that left me with a body I did not like (huge overdeveloped muscles), coupled with chronic back, neck and knee pain.

Over the past 30 years, I have studied everything from Pilates, weight training, stretching and resistance training, to chi-gong, Chinese medical theory, tai chi, martial arts, yoga, various meditation disciplines, and cardio vascular methods. After winning multiple awards for my knowledge in so many of theses disciplines and teaching all over the world, I was ready to take it all to the next level.

I knew that there had to be a better way, a smarter way. I wanted a workout that could be truly challenging, but not leave you feeling beaten up. A lifestyle that didn’t require a person to be a professional dancer to feel elegant, or a Zen Master to be centered. I wanted a way to be the weight that I desired and also be able enjoy cocktails and pizza! I knew there had to be a way to simplify all of the confusion, the feelings of good days vs. bad days, the endless roller coaster of emotions that fitness and health often bring! I wanted a way to have fun, to love myself and love my body. So, I combined all I knew.

The result? My Synergistics Fitness Method® and Life in Synergy! It is time to say goodbye to squats and lunges that leave you with sore knees, it is time to leave the endless hours of cardio and starvation diets and begin to live. To live with your best body ever! My body looks better now, at almost 50, than it did when I was 25 years old and killing myself to be in shape. Imagine what your body will achieve!

Life in Synergy is for all of you who want to look hot on the outside and feel hot on the inside!


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“I feel as though the trainers are invested  in YOU as a person and its nice to attend a facility where people know your name.”
Kim G,
“You can have the body you want! It’s not an urban legend! My shoulders aren’t hunched over, my butt is at least six inches higher and I can see my ab muscles!”
Kristen W,


#AHA! Abs!

What most people do not realize is that the function of the abdominal muscles is to flex the lumbar (lower back) spine. So if your lower back and spine is tight, if you cannot comfortably roll down and up in a ball, your abdominal muscles cannot do their job.  Not only in the gym but in the rest of your day, so you end up utilizing your hip flexors and lower back each time you bend and move.

Remember, you are constantly exercising against the force of gravity, but if a tight spine is preventing your abdominal muscles from doing their job, you are missing out on abdominal contractions all day long!!! So instead of thinking about sit ups, think about getting more flexible, it will make your workouts much more efficient.

#aha moments

This month is dedicated to your #aha moments at Life in Synergy. Those moments along the journey of discovering you that have helped you to leap forward to your success and to your discovery of yourself and your life in synergy. Your life of peace, happiness and hottness. I have been listing my daily on our facebook and twitter feeds in two categories, #aha and #NOTafool. So much of what is sold to consumers is neither. This realization was probably my first. That what I was selling and teaching all of those years ago (the killer squat, cardio filled starvation fueled nonsense) was not really helping me or my clients, that not only was it not helping but in many instances it was making the entire process longer and more painful. Al I was ever thinking about was surviving not thriving, survive the diet, survive the workout, survive the torture, survive the snarky attitude, survive the inner hate speech that was being cultivated through experience with others and my own insecurity.

A Life in Synergy is NOT about survival but it is about fulfillment and thriving. Living a full life, with all of the foods you love, with a body you love that you continue to learn about and to appreciate, not hate, not hide, not abuse.

What are you #aha moments at Life in Synergy? Inspire us and inspire others… that is part of the Life in Synergy journey. Discovering your truth and then passing it along to inspire those around you! Post them on the board in the studio or on facebook and twitter and help the journey and the message spread and grow!!!

I am NOT a Fool, You are NOT a Fool! Declare your independance!

This morning I received a great April Fool’s Day email from a client extolling the virtues of all of the abusive things she used to do to her body and believe about herself. The beat yourself up, starve yourself , hate yourself and self criticize way of life of 98% of all “health, wellness and fitness” programs out there. You may have noticed my use of quotation marks there. Yes, I am being facetious when I even call most programs by those names. So, based on today’s date, the funny email today as well as the regular onslaught of emails, txt messages, notes, cards and statements at the front desk I am officially declaring April, We are NOT Fools Month! Whenever people ask me about my customer base I always say, smart women and brilliant men. People that are interested in the science that creates real and seemingly effortless change in the shape, size, health and opinions that they have about their bodies and their lives.  Not the media driven celebrity starved hype! People that are excited to create the change in their lives that enables a fuller life, NOT one filled with depravation, people that are interested in learning about their bodies, their muscles and their lives so that they can literally have their cake and look hott too!

Throughout the month, we will be posting real science that disabuses the crazy, destructive myths that are out there! Please post your aha moments on the board in the studio, as well as on our facebook and twitter pages and help us teach the world, that like us, they no longer have to be FOOLED!!!!!

A Life in Synergy is so much more then an exercise […]

Living the Dream!


So often we spend our time focused on what we do not have, what we do not know, what we have not accomplished, what we are not; that we forget to take the time to realize all of the great things that we are, that we have, that we know and that we have accomplished. I know that I can get stuck in this pattern, and as a scientist with a mind set towards creating easier and lasting solutions to all things health and well being I often get in to the mind set of challenging my thoughts, discoveries and ideas. Which of course can lead to new breakthroughs but can also lead to insecurity and doubt. Which are sure fired emotions to stop you right in your tracks!

If you are on the train of insecurity and doubt, it is time to stop at the nearest station and get the heck off the train!!! Just like the picture, if your mental train is not slowing down then JUMP!!!!

Start by making a list of each of your negative, I do not ________ thoughts and then write out its counterpart! Spend time talking with your friends and family about your positives instead of your negatives (stop complaining!!!) and get your mind in the positive, creative, change mode instead! You never know what you are capable of until you try! I am serious! I am no different then you and I have started my own business, invented my own fitness method, written a book about my nutrition method, hosted a radio show and written this blog :-) The important part is that in order to accomplish any of that I first had to jump off the train […]

Kale and Apple Salad!

One of the most underrated vegetables has got to be kale. Kale is a leafy green vegetable that is high in fiber and is also a rich source of many nutrients such as calcium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K and lutein. Lutein is a antioxidant that is important for healthy skin and eyes.
This is an easy and very nutritious salad, the apples help soften the bitterness of the kale.
Kale and Apple Salad


2 cups chopped fresh kale, 1 cup chopped red apple (any type) skin on, 1/2 teaspoon sesame oil, 1/2 teaspoon apple cider vinegar, 1 teaspoon honey, 1 teaspoon fresh chopped cilantro, 1/4 teaspoon fresh grated ginger, Dash cumin, Dash nutmeg
In a large bowl put the sesame oil, vinegar, honey, cilantro, ginger, nutmeg and cumin, mix well then add in the kale and apples toss to coat. Enjoy!
Serves 2 with 85 calories and less than 2 grams of fat in each serving.