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SFM Personal Training

Boston's Best Personal Training

SFM personal training uses the science of Macro-Muscle Synergy® to spot reduce your trouble areas and bring your body in to balance and the best shape of your life. Learn about your personal Synergy! Learn the Synergistics Fitness Method® and spend less time in the gym every week and finally get the results that you have been looking for! No more beating yourself up hoping for results! Instead of learning a workout, learn YOUR workout!

SFM Classes


The Synergistics Fitness Method®, previously only in personal training now is available in classes!!! Finally a fun workout that gives real results! Instead of hoping your body will change, watch the transformation occur. Learn how to create a true mind/body connection that will transform your shape and make you LOVE coming to the gym! The advantages of a top personal training workout in the convenience of a class!


Helena Collins - the Hottmaker

Three Ways to learn!

New Client Personal Training Special 4 sessions $199

New Client Class Special - Unlimited classes for $100 for one month

Nutritional Alignment - Helena's Best selling book, learn to eat, not diet


Helena Collins’ multi award-winning

Synergistics Fitness Method®



SFM Spot Reduce!

The Synergistics Fitness Method® uses the science of Macro-Muscle Synergy® to give you more results in less time. Are you looking to lean out your thighs, lift your butt, trim your calves, flatten your stomach, maybe thin your upper arms? SFM allows you to target specific muscle groups, and work only those muscles and with the extra guidance of our certified SFM one-on-one session which are included in every complete package you will learn about your trouble spots and how to fix them even faster! The result? Improvement in the areas that matter most to you.

Learn to Eat Not Diet.

Lose the weight you want for good from 10 pounds to 100 with the Hottmaker’s (Helena Collins) best selling book, Nutritional Alignment®. You will learn to change your “set point” to your ideal weight and never have to diet again! Yes, without ever having to give up your favorite foods. No starvation, no pills, powders or bars. Real life, real food – of course this includes your favorite cocktail or pizza. Your tailored plan, designed specifically for you as part of your membership will enable you to finally be the weight that you have always wanted.

Work Smart Not Hard.

Endless hours in the gym on cardio equipment or hours spent pounding the pavement leaves you hungry, tired and with bulky muscles you do not want! Gain time in your life and health in your body. Strategically designed SFM workouts not only reshape your body, they stimulate your overall metabolism and increase your muscles’ ability to burn carbs more effectively and store less fat. You will learn how to achieve ultimate health without ever beating yourself up again all while seeing the body you have always dreamed of emerge in the mirror; all hott, no sweat!

Learn to Be In Control

The biggest obstacle to true achievement often lies within ourselves, in our personality type. Learn if you are a Thinker, a Decorator or a Commuter and how you may be sabotaging your workouts, your nutrition, your health and your goals. Your one-on-one sessions, included in your membership, can also be booked for lifestyle coaching sessions to help you create the ultimate path to your success. Success for all of our members is the #1 priority here at Life in Synergy.
Boston's Best Fitness Classes

Not just a workout, a Synergistics Lifestyle®

  • To all Smart Women and Brilliant Men (our proven demographic here at LIS :-) looking for a great body and a great life!
  • Are you sick of working  hard and NEVER getting the body that you want or being able to enjoy the foods that you love?
  • Are you tired of having to spend hours doing workouts that leave you in pain with bulky muscles and starvation diets that leave you feeling hungry and deprived?
  • STOP beating yourself up, hoping that what you are doing will work and finally learn how to communicate with your body with the Synergistics Fitness Method and create the body and the LIFE of your dreams!
  • At Life in Synergy, you don’t just learn a workout, you learn how to bring your body in to synergy and how to live a lifestyle that includes your favorite foods that will leave you looking hott for your entire LIFE.  Correct imbalances created by other workouts, reduce bulky muscles for good, learn to be in control of your body and your life!
  • Stop working Hard and Learn how to WORK SMART instead! Start NOW!!!!!!!  
What’s better than that?

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About Helena Collins

I am you…the everyday woman who needed a way to change and reshape my body and my life. I started out with genetics that would predispose me to be overweight (most of my family is overweight and even obese), a body type that blessed me with “thunder thighs”, and a fitness and athletic training background that left me with bulky muscles and frustration, coupled with chronic back, neck and knee pain. There is absolutely nothing worse then working REALLY hard and still hating your body!!!!!

Over the past 30 years, I have studied everything from Pilates, weight training, stretching and resistance training, to chi-gong, Chinese medical theory, tai chi, martial arts, yoga, various meditation disciplines, and cardio vascular methods. Being the uber-geek that I am, each time I studied a new discipline I would guinea pig it on my body to see what changes would occur. Nothing ever gave me the body and the LIFE I was looking for, all I ever got was more workouts and more frustration.

I knew that there had to be a better way, a smarter way. A workout that would change the shape of my body, but not leave me feeling beaten up. A lifestyle that didn’t require me to be a professional dancer to feel elegant, or a Zen Master to be centered. I wanted a way to be the weight that I desired and also be able enjoy cocktails and pizza! I knew there had to be a way to simplify all of the confusion, the feelings of good days vs. bad days, the endless roller coaster of emotions that fitness and health bring! I wanted a way to have fun, to love myself and love my body (not need to settle or accept my thunder thighs:-), to be in control and to help everyone I know get in great shape, not just a select few.

After over 30 years of research and study I finally have the answers! My body looks better now, at almost 50, than it did when I was 25  and killing myself to be in shape. Instead of beating myself up I have learned the science behind the mind-body connection. Which means I now have to work out a lot less, I strengthen the weak parts of my body and stretch the tight parts according to my synergy. By knowing about myself I am able to cut my workout times in half and get twice the results all while ENJOYING my workout time!!!!!! YES, I AM YELLING THIS OUT!!! Aren’t you ready to finally enjoy your body and your workouts??? Imagine what your body will achieve!

It is time to say goodbye to squats and lunges that leave you with sore knees, it is time to leave the endless hours of cardio and starvation diets and begin to live. To live with your best body ever!

Life in Synergy is for all of you who want to look hot on the outside and feel hot on the inside! I cannot wait to see you succeed!!!


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“I feel as though the trainers are invested  in YOU as a person and its nice to attend a facility where people know your name.”
Kim G,
“You can have the body you want! It’s not an urban legend! My shoulders aren’t hunched over, my butt is at least six inches higher and I can see my ab muscles!”
Kristen W,


Holiday Habits

One of the best gifts I have ever received is peace with my body. Not the kind when you “just accept” (also called denial) who you are but the great kind when you know that you are completely capable of creating the body and that life that you choose and when you look in the mirror you LOVE what you see. After years of hating it and abusing it with endless diets, workouts and really, if I am being honest disappointment and outright hatred. Each day now, it  is blissful to just be able to get dressed, to not have to think about how things look and feel on me. To enjoy my body for its capabilities not its short comings and to know that I can change anything I do not like with a little communication and understanding. To be able to have my cake and look hott too!

Instead of spending the next few weeks agonizing over “being bad” give yourself the gift of choosing you. When you reach for the sweets as work just factor it in and if you do not have room for it, you get to decide…. what is more important, feeling great about yourself on New Year’s or a snack that you don’t even really enjoy. You know me, I am not preaching deprivation here, no crazy diets just spending each day of the holidays like you would any other, eating  your #, taking your steps and fitting in a few SFM workouts for you. Listen, a glass of champagne only has 90 calories, you can fit that in your number and getting in your steps is a piece of cake, just go to the mall to shop!

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You know, I used to be just like you. Filled with questions and anxiety about what my next workout was going to be, which diet was finally going to work and how I was ever going to be able to look in the mirror and like and dare I say maybe even love what I saw. Each Monday I would start anew. Each workout I would push myself harder in the quest for happiness, I never found it. I found endless emotional highs and lows, frustration and depression that I was never going to look the way I wanted or as good as my friends and don’t forget the pain. Continuous pain in my neck and shoulders, my knees, my back…..I had taught myself that life was filled with torture (killer workouts), famine (silly diets) and disappointment. This is NO WAY to live your life.

So today, I am eternally grateful that I had the nerve to walk away. The nerve to live through years of hate mail from my critics and doubters. I am thankful that I now know how to eat, everything and NEVER feel guilty. That at 50 my body looks and feels amazing without a single bit of bone crunching cardio or knee destroying squats and lunges. That I have the ability to change my shape and be in control of how my body looks and feels. That I choose my Life in Synergy and create my own happiness. That each day I work with great people that were willing to trust and now have freed themselves and are the smartest and hottest staff anywhere. And finally I am so thankful to all of you, for your success, your endless emails […]

A Life in Synergy is NOT scary!

I became one of the first Gold Certified personal trainers in the country in 1987! Back then I was designing weight training rooms for women, teaching aerobics classes to adoring fans from around the country and the world and advocating the latest diets. I was 110 pounds, I had chronic pain in my knees, back and shoulders, I had muscles I hated and in general I was completely unhappy with how I looked, felt and how much time I spent every day thinking about, planning and discussing my diet, my workouts, and my inadequate body and life. That was scary! Was I always going to have to increase my workouts and eat less? Was I never going to be able to just live???? It was these truly scary and desperate thoughts that led to me creating the Synergistics Fitness Method, Nutritional Alignment, and the whole Life in Synergy Lifestyle. All of the abuse that I was heaping on myself on a daily basis as well as the real pain I felt was just the push I needed to take that first scary step. To look in a different direction for a different solution that would not only change my life but the life of thousands. The change that led to discovery, understanding and a hotter, pain free body with less work and a lot more fun!!!!

What are you afraid of?? Feeling great? Seeing the shape of your body finally change? The ability to enjoy a bagel or a slice of cake? Or maybe, you are afraid of what you are going to do when you truly have a body that you love and the free time to enjoy it???

Gaining a Life in Synergy is […]

Health Benefits of Molasses

When it comes to adding something sweet, blackstrap molasses will not only satisfy your sweet tooth but also provide you many of your daily needs. A two teaspoon serving provides 12% of your recommended daily dose of calcium, as well as acting as a good source for iron, copper, manganese, potassium and magnesium. Blackstrap molasses is great mixed with yogurts, oatmeal, or even try it in your marinades or salad dressings. Remember a little goes a long way.

Pack a Cooler

Before long car trips or summer rides, think about packing a cooler. By planning ahead, you, your friends & family can enjoy fresh sandwiches made with multi-grain bread, fresh fruit, vegetables and ice cold water. This is a great alternative to wasting time, money and unwanted calories at rest stops with fast food chains and less hassel.