So, you have set some goals for this year when it comes to your health and well being. There are some great ones written up on the board and last week we discussed that goals are really not about the setting but really about creating a new pattern of living. But what is that pattern supposed to look like? How do you know if the actions you are taking are really going to help you to achieve or are they just going to lead to some new form of frustration which is really why we set goals in the first place isn’t it? There is something that is frustrating you that you would like to change because you do not want to feel frustrated anymore or inadequate or any other of the myriad of negative emotions that we experience in our lives that we wish just were not there. The goal, any goal, is  really to feel better, to have more positive emotions about yourself, your life, your situation, your choices. To be in the positive. But how often have you made a goal to change one thing and then you notice that you are now feeling the same negative feelings but in another aspect in your life! So, instead of thinking of the “what” that you would like to change, let’s think about the why. The why is really going to get down to the fundamentals of the problem so that you can work on changing :-)

For example, maybe one of your goals is to reduce the size of your thighs. I can relate to this goal as it was what first started my entire journey and lead to the development of the Synergistics Fitness Method, Nutritional Alignment and Life in Synergy and ultimately my understanding that what I really wanted was to understand and like or dare I say love myself more. So, when I asked myself why, I wanted to reduce the size of my thighs, my first response was, because I hate them, but why, because they are huge and unattractive but why, (and this is where discovery starts to happen and understanding, awareness, power and change begins)…because I was genetically predisposed to have large thigh muscles and the workouts I was doing was not making them smaller but even bigger, but why, (so now it lead me a more in depth look at me, my body, fascinating stuff!!) because the muscles in my thighs are working really hard and my personality is telling me that I LOVE these killer workouts even though I hate the results, but why, because I am stuck in a weird addiction to doing things that make me dislike who I am. WOW, that’s a moment that blew me away…. I was continuing to do something, telling myself that I enjoyed it and maybe even needed it just so that I could wake up the next day, unhappy, disappointed, frustrated…..

So really my goal became to get out of this habit. Which is why I have researched and worked out solutions for all aspects of  the Life in Synergy wheel. So as you set your goals, and begin your journey to you look deeper for the why, and then look at the wheel for the solutions that you need.  What aspect of the wheel do you need help in? Changing the shape or function of your muscles… book a class or do a personal training session, learning how to eat instead of diet…. read Nutritional Alignment or come to Nutrition class on Wednesday nights (meeting in the lobby, coming soon) … getting in your activity, pick up a pedometer at the front desk and a water bottle and work with your trainer to plot a path to success, or finally stuck in the  patterns of  dislike then book a coaching session to work on your personal path to real and lasting success.

Start your Life in Synergy journey, really the only trip worth taking, to the best place in the world…. YOU!