HappinessChange your mind and change your life! In the age old question, which came first the chicken or the egg, in this instance it is definitely your mind and your thoughts. What you think leads to what you experience.

I found it fascinating yesterday how many people had to “think about it” when we were talking about posting on the gratitude wall in the studio. The complaints came easy, the negative was something that people were able, eager and quick to discuss but the happy grateful thoughts…. were a stretch for so many. That is the entire purpose of this exercise. Getting your mind in to the happy grateful mode requires a certain amount of practice and discipline. This is why #projectPMA lasts for 21 days. Enough time to really, really create lasting and meaningful change.

There were also a few judgy (a new word;-) moments on my part, someone wrote Health up on the wall, which of course is something to be grateful for, but it sounded cliche to me, which of course I said….turns out, this Life in Synergy hottie was at the Dr. yesterday, and she had been concerned about her cholesterol and her tests came back great!! So awesome! So today in #projectPMA 3 things that make me happy that I am grateful for… 1. Finding out about what makes people happy and grateful and appreciating their choices 2. Interesting science shows (I watched a great one last night about extending our life span through applied technology 3. fuzzy, colorful socks