During the month of February, I want to focus on how you really get a better realtionship with the most imporant person in your life, YOU! Originally we were going to call it self love month, but then that seems as though I would be writing about masturbation :-) Though one of our former LIS employees, JoEllen discovered that her personal journey took her to this exact spot (pun intended) for me I will stick to my strong teaching points of health, fitness, fun and discovery. One of the most important steps on the journey to really discover you is to surround yourself with people, thoughts, ideas and teachers that inspire. This is the cornerstone to Life in Synergy!

My goal is to create a great environment, that is joyful and supportive where you are inspired to let down your guard and do the sometimes difficult work of really looking at yourself and creating the changes that are necessary for you to fully enjoy your life, to create a body that you love and to create a full life, not a managed one.

Here are some of the things that have inspired me over the years to continue my own journey and to encourage others to become their best :-)

Anything Lincoln, he had me at the statement, “..with malice towards none..” it is a part of his second inauguration speach. I mean really, people were trying to kill him, half the country hated him and still this is what he thought! Amazing. I think of this every time that a “fitness expert” sends me an email telling me that I am a stupid b***h, just because what I teach works, will change the shape of your body and will not beat you up. Don’t hate me because I am smart and hott :-)

Fantasy sci fi books, they all have the same story, good vs. evil, good wins in the end :-)

Chick flicks, see above with more estrogen involved!

Questions – when I have a question I will be obssessed until I find an answer, which I did over the last 30 years so that you do not have to waste time on workouts that don’t work and diets that leave you hungry.

Your success! Every time I am having a tough day, inevitably I end up with an email from a client, thanking me for her success or in a coaching appointment with a great breakthrough or in a class or training session where one of you connects to a muscle that has frustrated you for the very first time! Thank you all for the ongoing inspiration. When you love you, there is more love in my world. Win, win for all!!!!!!

What inspires you? The board is up in the studio, or post on our facebook or twitter….