This is a three part series.

I have found over the last 30+ years in the health and fitness industry that all of us tend to fall in to one of three different exercise personality types. The thinker, the decorator and the commuter. Not only do each of us exhibit tendencies towards one group, more often then not our body types reflect our dominant personality type. In this three part series I am going to discuss each of the types, their tendencies in fitness and health and how once you identify with one type you can work with your personality to create a plan of success for your body and your life.

Are you a decorator?

Are you always managing everything in your life and the lives of others? Are you the list maker, the label installer, the organizer, the planner? Do you spend endless hours managing every aspect of your life, your eating and your workouts? Do you need to be in control? Would you begin a much needed vacation by planning when to fit in your workouts or have an itinerary of activities planned  including, I will lay on the beach from 10-2? Do you tend towards what I affectionately call the triangle butt and arm pit roll? Then you are probably a decorator. Planning, managing, labeling and never quite able to fully enjoy and relax. More comfortable in the plan then in celebrating the results.

Stop planning a management solution to solve your over managing problem :-) It is time for you to relax and enjoy. When it comes to your health and fitness it is easy for you to get stuck in overdoing. If one class is good then two would be better. Its not, in fact, less can often be a lot more. Less planning, less doing, less managing and more time really embracing this moment. Instead of doing two hours, spend one quality hour. Instead of making a plan for you and your family or friends, sit back and relax and let it all happen. I can feel you panicking already, what if it isn’t perfect, what if, what if. Realize that you have already put the work in. You can take time to put your feet up and relax a little!  You are so used to being in control that you are probably missing  much needed down time. You may also need the help of someone else to create this plan for you. Left to your own devises you will continue to manage and plan and when your plan for you is done you will move on to those around you! Working one-on-one is key to your success. Once you are able to realize that you can be in control of the details by learning a new skill you can let go of the plan to manage them all the time. This will also increase the level of your workouts, making them more time efficient giving you more time to enjoy your new body and your new life!

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