Big group of young jumping people.Yesterday I was in a bad mood. I was tired, I was cranky and I was unmotivated. It really sucked. Now, those of you who know me and Life in Synergy know that a positive mental attitude is the cornerstone of my success. Every time I see a problem I am excited about finding the solution this is what has driven me to develop SFM. The negative, abusive, beat yourself up ways of the fitness world were not working for me. Each system I tried from weight training to pilates to running (the list is endless, I am a thorough researcher) was only about more, not better. Each one just said keep going but not why. I need the whys in my solutions and I needed it to be happy. Enough with the screaming, the bitchy comments and the judgement. That is not a world that I want to live or help create!

So, with that modus operandi ( I love that I just got to use that in a blog!) of finding a lasting solution in place in mind I approached my bad mood by actively looking for a solution, and of course once I have a solution I am not going to stop with me! Spread the solutions and increase the happiness, the positivity, the love and the success. Taking down bad moods and attitudes Life in Synergy style.

It takes 21 days for a new habit to become ingrained in your life, so I figured I needed a 21 day plan. Three weeks to wipe bad, cranky moods off of the planet, or at least out of my life, or at least make them happen less often :-) So, I am officially declaring the next three weeks, #projectPMA

Each day, for the next 21 days  you can come in and write on our #projectPMA wall here in the studio, you can post on facebook or tweet us on twitter three unique things that you are grateful for that make you happy! Use the #projectPMA

I have always said if you change your mind you can change your life, from sad to glad, from depressed to impressed, from weary to cheery let #projectPMA begin!!!