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Yesterday, I was amazed that the first thoughts out of my head in the morning were things to be grateful for and each time that I found myself getting frustrated throughout the day how much easier it was to change my mind in an instant, to switch from the negative to a positive and most importantly how different my body felt during that process.

So many times throughout our days we get anxious, or tense, or angry. All of these emotions have physical side effects on our body. We tense up our already tense muscles causing aches and pains, we release stress hormones like cortisol that encourage fat storage, we wrinkle our foreheads and cause wrinkles. Just by changing my mind yesterday as I felt these instances arise I could physically feel the tension melt, I could feel my body and my face relax, I could experience the change.

One of the major contributors to disease is stress. Being able to de-stress is a skill, just like any other. It is a skill that needs to be cultivated and practiced and embraced. This is the mission behind #projectPMA, a 21 day workout for your mind, your attitude and your ability to reduce the tension and stress in your life. And you don’t even need to change your clothes or take a shower afterwards! That is a workout that I am more then willing to embrace!