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Walnuts are a great source of protein, they help you detox because they are high in fiber, they help prevent heart disease because they are high in Omega 3 fatty acids, they help  fight inflammation in your body because they are high in antioxidants and they contain Vitamin E, Vitamin B and Magnesium!!! All in one NUT!! All of this goodness comes with a high caloric price, so put your walnuts on top of things (salad, yogurt, oatmeal) not in your hands!


Lately I have noticed Arugula popping up all over my diet, in salads, ravioli, even on my pizza! So I thought that it might be time to share some facts about this amazing green!

High in vitamins, like A,K, B and C, loaded with Fiber, filled with minerals like potassium and magnesium and low in calories it is understandable why this green leafy can be called rocket salad :-) It is easy to grow and has a peppery taste great for stimulating your neglected taste buds (learn more about your taste buds in Nutritional Alignment)! Oh, did I mention that it is great for your blood and may help prevent some cancers! All that with a little shaved parmesan, cracked pepper and olive oil……who wouldn’t be able to conquer their world!

Melon Adventures!

One of my favorite things to do is try new foods. Sometimes that means trying one of those bizarre sodas in the Goya aisle, sometimes a new fruit. This week it was a Juan Canary Melon. It had a milder taste than cantaloupe or honeydew, was less sweet with a little bit firmer texture. High in fiber, Vitamin A and Vitamin C, it was also good for me. Having had it, I think it would be amazing in a spinach salad as it had a little hint of pear in the taste. Yum! Trying something new, stimulates your taste buds and opens your brain to the possibilities of change, growth and learning.

Cookie Monsters

We all need a cookie and a glass of milk sometimes! I had one last night! Remember to keep it real though. A homemade cookie or one from a good bakery and a glass of whole milk! But Helena, whole milk is too thick. Exactly, when we eat foods in their natural state our brain will automatically self regulate and know how much we really need. So a real cookie with real milk, about 300 calories vs. a sleeve of packaged cookies and skim milk 1,000 calories and an unsatisfied feeling! You get to choose :-)

Too Much Protein!

Did you know that the recommended daily allowance of protein in your diet is 20-30% of your calories?? For me this amounts to less than 350 – 500 calories a day! Which is at most, a 4 ounce piece of chicken, fish or steak and one hard boiled egg! Less quantity and more quality! Remember if it could not come off of your grandmother’s farm it is not food! Cows should eat grass not corn, chickens should be able to walk, fish should be swimming free not living on a farm. When you eat real food, in its most natural state your body will know when to stop!


Bananas are one of my favorites! They come prepackaged and ready to travel, they are high in potassium, fiber and the vitamin B6 all of which help your blood, bones, kidneys and intestines stay in top shape! All of this for about 100 calories! Especially good for women who are at risk for Osteoporosis as they help your body to absorb calcium! With trace amounts of tryptophan, they can also help your body product the mood enhancing Serotonin. A great addition to anyone’s day! But Helena, what about the glycemic index….. If you are concerned about GI, skip the cookie, sugary cocktail or candy bar and stick with bananas!


Pills, potions and powders! Did you see the article out most recently linking Vitamin E to prostate cancer? Now I know this type of cancer is not a concern for most of us but I think that this most recent finding illustrates a bigger point. Do not take any supplements that your Dr. has not diagnosed for you. Unless you have a specific deficiency you may be doing more harm than good. Supplements are unregulated and so there is no oversight making sure that the ingredients are correct and that the research is valid and tested, do not always believe the hype :-)

Carrot Juice

The other day I worked pretty late, until 9 o’clock or so. As I went to meet my husband for the ride home I needed a little pick me up. Coffee was not an option, sodas are not my style and most juice is too sweet. The perfect option, a glass of carrot juice, I like to add some grated ginger to spice it up! This low calorie (around 80 calories for 8 ounces) is filled with a mega dose of Vitamin A (800% of your RDA so not something for every day) as well as Vitamin C and Potassium! A win, win!

Emotional Eating

One of the greatest things about yummy food is that it can soothe your troubled emotions. The pleasure and comfort you get from a great dessert can be emotionally satisfying, reduce your stress and make you smile. All important parts of a Life in Synergy and a healthy life. The important question to ask yourself though, “Is this going to make me feel great tomorrow as well?” Sometimes, the answer is a resounding, YES! Then, go for it, grab the ice cream, cupcake or extra cocktail! Here’s the BUT! If your special sweet makes you get up the next day and agonize about your weight, your body or your life there is no net gain :-) The best solution… understand how to have your cake and eat it to by understanding your ideal caloric intake and making a plan, enabling you to truly enjoy and savour every bite! Coming soon…..Wednesday night Nutrition Chats with Helena for all of you who have done Nutritional Alignment!!!!

Clean Up with Chrysanthemum

Did you know that the bud of the Chrysanthemum plant when made into a Tea, aids the liver in cleansing ? With all the Holiday celebrations and “possible” ingestion of dare we say a alcoholic beverage (or two-or three?) you may want to rebalance your body by drinking a bit of this wonderful little flower. Studies have shown that Chrysanthemum contains vitamins  A, B1,  amino acids (and more)  and it is used in Chinese traditional medicine to help to treat issues such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol.  Regular usage is believed to “Lead to a stronger body “.  You can purchase it in most tea stores (if you can’t find it, try looking in your local Chinatown herb store). So if the holiday “3 cheers” catches up on you, simply make a cup of this little wonder, sip away and clean up….. : )