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Bananas are one of my favorites! They come prepackaged and ready to travel, they are high in potassium, fiber and the vitamin B6 all of which help your blood, bones, kidneys and intestines stay in top shape! All of this for about 100 calories! Especially good for women who are at risk for Osteoporosis as they help your body to absorb calcium! With trace amounts of tryptophan, they can also help your body product the mood enhancing Serotonin. A great addition to anyone’s day! But Helena, what about the glycemic index….. If you are concerned about GI, skip the cookie, sugary cocktail or candy bar and stick with bananas!


Pills, potions and powders! Did you see the article out most recently linking Vitamin E to prostate cancer? Now I know this type of cancer is not a concern for most of us but I think that this most recent finding illustrates a bigger point. Do not take any supplements that your Dr. has not diagnosed for you. Unless you have a specific deficiency you may be doing more harm than good. Supplements are unregulated and so there is no oversight making sure that the ingredients are correct and that the research is valid and tested, do not always believe the hype :-)

Carrot Juice

The other day I worked pretty late, until 9 o’clock or so. As I went to meet my husband for the ride home I needed a little pick me up. Coffee was not an option, sodas are not my style and most juice is too sweet. The perfect option, a glass of carrot juice, I like to add some grated ginger to spice it up! This low calorie (around 80 calories for 8 ounces) is filled with a mega dose of Vitamin A (800% of your RDA so not something for every day) as well as Vitamin C and Potassium! A win, win!

Emotional Eating

One of the greatest things about yummy food is that it can soothe your troubled emotions. The pleasure and comfort you get from a great dessert can be emotionally satisfying, reduce your stress and make you smile. All important parts of a Life in Synergy and a healthy life. The important question to ask yourself though, “Is this going to make me feel great tomorrow as well?” Sometimes, the answer is a resounding, YES! Then, go for it, grab the ice cream, cupcake or extra cocktail! Here’s the BUT! If your special sweet makes you get up the next day and agonize about your weight, your body or your life there is no net gain :-) The best solution… understand how to have your cake and eat it to by understanding your ideal caloric intake and making a plan, enabling you to truly enjoy and savour every bite! Coming soon…..Wednesday night Nutrition Chats with Helena for all of you who have done Nutritional Alignment!!!!

Clean Up with Chrysanthemum

Did you know that the bud of the Chrysanthemum plant when made into a Tea, aids the liver in cleansing ? With all the Holiday celebrations and “possible” ingestion of dare we say a alcoholic beverage (or two-or three?) you may want to rebalance your body by drinking a bit of this wonderful little flower. Studies have shown that Chrysanthemum contains vitamins  A, B1,  amino acids (and more)  and it is used in Chinese traditional medicine to help to treat issues such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol.  Regular usage is believed to “Lead to a stronger body “.  You can purchase it in most tea stores (if you can’t find it, try looking in your local Chinatown herb store). So if the holiday “3 cheers” catches up on you, simply make a cup of this little wonder, sip away and clean up….. : )

Exhaustion and Hunger

When you are tired during your day your body assumes that you have not fully fueled yourself and sends out a hunger signal. This works both if you are physically tired and MENTALLY tired. In this crazy, fast paced world that we live in, with constant communication and multiple work loads and demands it is often our mind that gets worn out first! Like any other muscle, when your brain is tired it will call out for fuel! If it is exhausted it will call out for fuel that is dense calorically (high in fat) and if it is dehydrated it will call for salt (drink enough water :-)! Now you know why the snack food and fast industries are sooooo popular! Before reaching for the snack pack give yourself a mental massage! Just like you would get a physical massage to release tension from your body, try to fit in a mental massage to ease your brain! This can be your favorite music, a visit to a museum, a few hours mining your friends on facebook or a few minutes sitting and watching people go by :-) Whatever it is for you that allows your mind to relax and reboot!

The Power Lunch!

Instead of thinking about what you should not eat, try thinking about getting in your trifecta of health, fruit, vegetables and water! A minimum of 2 pieces of fruit, 3 cups of vegetables and 1/2 ounce of water for each pound of body weight that you have currently. To facilitate getting your vegetables in every day, have a salad or vegetable soup for lunch! This will ensure that you are getting at least 2 cups of your veggies a day and give you the needed focus and energy to make your afternoon productive!

Mass Vs. Health

True health and balance comes from balancing these two aspects of nutrition on a daily basis. Maintaining your ideal mass (also known as weight) is a basic mathematical equation. In Life in Synergy speak I call this knowing your number. My particular number is 1625. This is the amount of calories my body requires to sustain my ideal mass. If you do not know your number start Nutritional Alignment immediately! Every day, regardless of what I am eating,  (yesterday involved the most divine gourmet cheeseburger :-) I eat a total of 1625 calories. This is something I had to learn and now my body instinctively knows when I have reached my number and refuses all additional food. This is the most important part of continually maintaining your ideal weight. Consistency and the willingness to learn about yourself and your needs! Everything that we know is a learned behavior, knowing your particular fuel mileage is no different. If you are continually fluctuating your fuel intake your body is in a perpetual state of confusion. If you eat 1200 calories one day, you are telling your body that either a) you suddenly need to be 92 pounds or b) that suddenly you are in a famine and there is a shortage of food. Both of these options are very stressful on your system and impede the learning process. What is it that you are trying to teach your body??? On the flip side of this, if you eat past your number once or twice a week, your body then thinks that you are trying to sustain a heavier mass. YOUR BODY ONLY KNOWS WHAT YOU ARE TEACHING IT!!!!

Balancing your ultimate mass (weight) with  health is the […]

Is Dairy Evil?

There has been quite a bit of coverage in the media lately about the evils of dairy. Dairy foods  like milk and cheese are filled with many key nutrients  like protein, calcium, magnesium, folate, B1, B2, B6, B12, and vitamins A, D, and E. It is a great idea to have comprehensive blood work done by your physician to check for any vitamin deficiencies in your body, especially Vitamin D as winter effects the quantity of our daylight hours. So, before you chuck the cheese, have a conversation with your physician about the healthiest option for you!

Thorough Research

Whatever you eat and drink is only contributing to your Life in Synergy if it brings you peace today and tomorrow! This holds true especially when it comes to our cocktails! There is no skimping on taste. In my continuing effort to bring you the absolute best, I taste tested three different Chocolate Liquors and Vodkas in an effort to make the LIS Chocolate Candy Kiss (which will be featured at out Kisses and Kudos party tomorrow) the best cocktail it could be (and you thought I was just working on giving you a great butt :-)

In a blind taste test I found that a local company is producing an outstanding product! It is called ChocoLat and in my opinion was MUCH BETTER than Godiva!

Come sample it tomorow!  A great product from a local producer! That is a Life in Synergy!